Breaking the Myths of AI - facts you must know about Artificial Intelligence

Technology is growing at a rapid pace. And so are the misconceptions about them. The power of AI and the things it can do are unreal. It can talk, write, recognize emotions, and even repair itself. The ongoing pandemic situation has made us even closer to technology. Office meetings, classes, and even music concerts have become virtual.

However, the popularity of AI and how it shapes our lives has its fair share of myths that make people think otherwise about this groundbreaking technology. Here are a few facts about AI to clear the myths that go around the general domain.

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to replace human workforce. However, it does not mean that it will completely remove human intervention. It means that we will get accustomed to advanced methods of simplifying complex processes around us.

Machine Learning and AI is not Biased

Since machine learning entails learning from the data, it will replicate any bias present in the data set, thereby creating, at times even amplifying, the bias. Machine learning is a subset of AI that requires continuous data sets to be able to recognise the scenarios accurately.

Poor, low or incomplete data will cause data inaccuracies, whereas rigorously training the data with a complex and diverse data set will ensure that such a bias is kept to a minimum. Additionally, monitoring data collection, inspecting data sources and pointing any prejudice out will help keep bias in check.

AI is transparent and in interest of the public

With the ever-increasing adoption of AI into regular surroundings and decision-making processes, including civic environments and enterprises, it becomes imperative that AI offers transparency. Employees and customers need to know the hows and whys of AI and how it aligns with the company's interests.

For instance, people might worry about privacy issues with AI-enabled Video Analytics or point their worries over the constant watchful eyes. But in reality, AI-powered Video Analytics is approved by the law, GDPR compliant and follows highest level of transparency to protect the rights of people.


With AI, the possibilities are endless. The dynamic environment requires enterprises and people alike to take a leap of faith into the world of AI and push forward to create endless growth opportunities.

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