The retail industry is more than just the exchange of goods. It is also about understanding consumer behaviour and analysing market trends to create better shopping experiences while increasing the functionality and safety of customers and staff within the premises. Businesses need a reliable video surveillance solution that stays accustomed to the complex market requirements by minimising threats and helping them achieve more with less.

Videonetics empowers your retail business with intelligent insights that help you efficiently manage operations across multiple locations and protect both the customers and staff from potential risks. Our robust video management solution improves security, reduces shrinkage, increases operational efficiency and gives you insight into critical information you need to manage your business efficiently.

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Smart Solutions that Understand Your Need


Customer experience insights through multi-dimensional analytics for improved decision making


Customer profiling


Heatmap analysis of high footfall areas within stores and across the chain.


Central and hierarchical monitoring of video, alerts and aggregation of insights & trends from multiple stores.


Forensic tools for validation or investigation


Better asset protection with minimal human resources


Video evidence coupled with disparate system transactions such as access, fire, intrusion sensors, automation systems


Pandemic safety guidelines adherence


Optimal usage of existing surveillance infrastructure

We Help You Achieve More

Be it your safety concerns, operational efficiency or security, productivity and operations management, we are here to address every challenge with our cutting-edge solutions.

50+ Proven Integrations

Field-proven and tested third-party integrations for enhanced security and operations.

Cloud Compatible

Cloud-agnostic stack accessible anywhere and anytime

Open Architecture

Scale your system now and in the future.

Multi-Pronged Data Protection

Operate without any worries with our military-grade solutions and safeguard your critical data.

Collaborative Monitoring

Manage, monitor, investigate, exchange messages and share observations by seamlessly integrating the entire security environment in a single unified platform.

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