Law Enforcement agencies spend substantial time and resources re-organizing strategic methods of handling unforeseen events and circumstances. Strategists & decision-makers within the agencies have also been consistently demanding for latest and most advanced systems of policing.

Beyond the need for robust and effective investigation tools, law enforcement agencies today need to be more balanced towards using technology to access real-time intelligence and situational awareness.

As we know, today, we live in the age of video data-driven decision-making capabilities. This video data content is a source of intelligence for first responders, evidence collectors, and investigators. But with the volume of video data multiplying by the hour, investigators are left with herculean and mundane task of examination of footages from thousands of CCTV cameras and storage archives. Most of this data needs to be more valuable and structured.

AI-Powered Video Management System to the rescue

Video management system (VMS) software have long assisted law enforcement agencies in post-incident investigations. Indeed, it does warrant a high probability of success; however, the time to target has always been a concern, allowing crucial time between the occurrence of an incident and arriving at an informed conclusion. Police & law enforcement officials are always faced with this glaring shortcoming, mainly due to the need for more workforce and technological resources. More so, depending on the scale of surveillance coverage, a vanilla VMS does not provide for real-time situational awareness and generate alerts as events unfold.

With scientific methods and technologies powered by artificial intelligence (AI), authorities can access capabilities and the ecosystem for sustained and efficient techniques in dealing with unanticipated situations.

With AI making deeper inroads into modern surveillance systems, law enforcement authorities today do not have to rely on traditional surveillance footage examination but can utilize artificial intelligence and deep learning (DL) based computer algorithms to extract metadata from massive volumes of video content from various sources. Applying specific algorithms for analyzing this metadata to detect abnormal situations, anomalies, and illegal activities can provide intelligence to the authorities to take swift actions and trim down the time to make investigative conclusions, reducing the workforce required to review video footages and increase productivity.

Let us look at how an Intelligent VMS (IVMS) does this.

  • Video Summarization:

AI-powered Intelligent VMS not only reduces days of video into minutes of intelligent footage but also, tools like geo-fencing further assist in narrowing down to the area of interest. These tools allow for quick turnaround, higher productivity & use of much lesser staffing while arriving at conclusive evidence swiftly.

  • Forensic investigation & Smart Search Tools:

Forensic investigations, including compiling robust video evidence, are considered the most scientific and practical way to investigate and build a case. Powerful and intuitive in-built tools such as Attribute Search (Attire Type, Colour, etc.); Face Detection, Identification & Recognition; and Intelligent Event Search enable investigations into an incident by identifying suspects using attributes such as face, and tracking based on attire, accessories, and gender. A particular activity can be easily narrowed into a long evidence video and the storyline of events created through a video summarization tool or various innovative video search options.

Intelligent Video Analytics (VA) makes it even better

Artificial Intelligence-driven Video Analytics (VA) technology empowers law enforcement to utilize the potential of video surveillance systems fully, maximizing the value of video sources by processing the metadata and breaking it into categories like objects and behaviours to increase speed, efficiency, and insights. This breakdown enables law enforcement to search video evidence more efficiently and achieve more accurate results, all while dedicating fewer officers to video investigation.

Video Analytics engine provides multiple use cases, from detecting incidents of different kind of violations, fighting, rioting, illegal crowd gatherings and demonstrations while also providing forensic investigation tools to identify the perpetrators. Combining law enforcement, traffic, and forensics with Intelligent VMS enables officials to detect and investigate incidents in a timely and efficient manner, and dramatically helps maintain law and order in real-time.

Here are some examples of use cases that could allow law enforcement authorities to be vigilant & agile in any unfolding situations:

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  • Crowd Formation
  • Street Fight, Riot, Aggression, Agitation & Congregation Detection
  • Possible Suicide Attempt in Solitary Confinement
  • Prohibited Zone Monitoring
  • Break-in Prediction
  • Crash/ Accident Detection
  • Criminal/ Wanted Person Identification
  • Hot-listed Vehicle Detection

So, why does Law Enforcement require AI-powered Unified Video Computing Platform:

1. Quick Data search: Data is critical. But navigating the ocean of video data to pick up the most conclusive footage is an intensive task for the uninitiated systems and workforce. A unified video management platform backed with AI enables agencies to review humongous video data quickly and precisely.

2. Accuracy & Intelligence: With AI-powered VMS & VA, law enforcement officials can derive actionable intelligence about any incident and environment. The AI engine can de-construct complex scenarios with supreme accuracy to classify objects, humans, vehicles, motion paths, etc., to provide intelligence that law enforcement officials can use to optimize safety & security arrangements.

3. Faster Time-to-Target: The time to conclude an investigation and identify the perpetrators can prove crucial. When the need of the hour is to investigate and close in on a target, reviewing evidence by using video analytics to search and filter footage of concern and tracking suspects can make a defining difference for law enforcement agencies.


AI-powered Intelligent video management system (VMS) software unified with video analytics (VA) engine transforms raw video data into searchable, actionable, quantifiable data.

Law enforcement authorities can unlock the power of Intelligent video analytics to overcome challenges of staffing and time. These AI-powered solutions not only de-construct and process raw video for more accessible analysis but also make it faster and easier to manage live incoming video streams from thousands of cameras for real-time situational awareness. Speed & precision to DETECT, IDENTIFY & RECOGNIZE are crucial in solving cases, effective use of resources, productivity & optimizing safety. A unified video computing platform that is powered by AI is the tool sought by law enforcement agencies.

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