At Videonetics, we are dedicated to promoting safe and harassment-free workplaces for all employees. Our mission is to create inclusive environments that uphold the rights and dignity of every individual.

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 (POSH Act) is a landmark legislation aimed at safeguarding women against sexual harassment in the workplace. It sets out the framework for prevention, prohibition, and redressal of such acts.

We prioritize the well-being and security of our employees at Videonetics. We have a non tolerance approach towards sexual harassment and believe in creating a respectful environment for everyone, regardless of gender. (what we stand as POSH policy)

In the unfortunate event of any incidents of sexual harassment, we encourage prompt reporting. We have a dedicated POSH Internal Committee that handles complaints sensitively and confidentially.

To report any cases of sexual harassment, please email Our Internal Committee is committed to addressing concerns and taking appropriate actions.

We believe that fostering a safe and respectful workplace culture is a collective responsibility. Open communication and engagement from all employees help us create an environment where everyone feels empowered and valued.

Let's build a workplace that promotes equality, respect, and dignity for all!

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