Educational institutes provide students with a holistic learning environment to thrive in today's world. They also encompass several complex areas that require constant vigilance to ensure unrestricted movement. Educational institutions need a comprehensive solution that assures a safe learning environment for students, staff, campus and even transit.

We empower educational institutes with proactive security solutions that create greater situational awareness, notify authorities about potential threats, assure data safety and improve efficiency in day-to-day operations, eventually fostering a safe and thriving learning environment.

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Smart Solutions that Understand Your Need


Forensic tools for validation or investigation


Video evidence and investigation at entry-exit points


Student dwell time tracking on campus


Minimalist authorised entry with facial recognition


Decision support in case of emergency evacuation and rescue


Security audit of surveillance video data


Suspicious activities, aggression, fight detection in campus and surroundings


Monitoring of school transport with GPS and video evidence in case of panic alerts


Detect and address fire & smoke incidents swiftly


Protecting premises, perimeters from unauthorised access

We Help You Achieve More

Be it your safety concerns, operational efficiency or security, productivity and operations management, we are here to address every challenge with our cutting-edge solutions.

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50+ Proven Integrations

Field-proven and tested third-party integrations for enhanced security and operations.

Cloud compatible

Cloud Compatible

Cloud-agnostic stack accessible anywhere and anytime

Open architecture

Open Architecture

Scale your system now and in the future.

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Multi-Pronged Data Protection

Operate without any worries with our military-grade solutions and safeguard your critical data.

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Collaborative Monitoring

Manage, monitor, investigate, exchange messages and share observations by seamlessly integrating the entire security environment in a single unified platform.

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