What would happen when critical infrastructure suffer damage from unwanted elements, natural disasters, terrorism, criminal activity or cyber threats? Such challenges and threats will not only affect citizens but also impact the nation's security and economy. To tackle changes and challenges of critical infrastructure, you need an integrated yet modular solution that strengthens and boosts productivity, profitability and workforce safety in critical operations.

With a thorough understanding of the security and operational requirements of critical infrastructure sectors such as energy, oil and gas, and defence manufacturing, Videonetics provides a comprehensive solution to keep up with the evolving industry by securing the workforce and environment, ensuring uninterrupted operations, data security, safe premises & perimeters and compliance to all the safety protocols.

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Smart Solutions that Understand Your Need


Vehicle & driver audit-trail and occupancy within plant premises


Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) compliance and workforce safety monitoring


Multi-site centralised and hierarchical monitoring


Improved intrusion detection with object classification & tracking


Enhanced asset protection and tracking


Video evidence coupled with disparate system transactions such as access, fire, building management, PA systems, automation systems


Investigation of industrial accidents


Audit of surveillance video data for sensitization of workforce to improve security & compliance


Smooth de-briefing in multi-shift security operations


Immediate corrective action through two-way audio for non-compliance of safety protocols


Always available surveillance infrastructure with data-safe keeping and business continuity planning

We Help You Achieve More

Be it your safety concerns, operational efficiency or security, productivity and operations management, we are here to address every challenge with our cutting-edge solutions.

50+ Proven Integrations

Field-proven and tested third-party integrations for enhanced security and operations.

Cloud Compatible

Cloud-agnostic stack accessible anywhere and anytime

Open Architecture

Scale your system now and in the future.

Multi-Pronged Data Protection

Operate without any worries with our military-grade solutions and safeguard your critical data.

Collaborative Monitoring

Manage, monitor, investigate, exchange messages and share observations by seamlessly integrating the entire security environment in a single unified platform.

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