Urban or developing cities need modular infrastructures and services for a better, safer and healthier community. Leveraging today's technology contributes to better surveillance, reduced manual interventions, integration of subsystems, resulting in seamless operations across infrastructures. However, for creating safer urban cities, the government needs a powerful solution to manage such massive data while protecting it against cyber threats.

Our innovative solutions collectively play a pivotal role in transforming the cities to make them truly ‘smart and safe’. City stakeholders can streamline management, provide a safer environment, modernise traffic management and maximise economic opportunities to improve quality of life and build a thriving community.

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Building Smarter & Safer Cities with Data-Driven Insights

Our solutions ensure the unification of applications, providing you with a comprehensive, end-to-end real-time visibility of the city infrastructure for improved monitoring, collaborative surveillance and proactive addressal of any situation or suspicious activities.

150+ cities
20k+ Lanes Monitored

Securing cities and traffic with state-of-the-art and future ready solutions

Smart Solutions that Understand Your Need


Unified solution to monitor and manage law enforcement, traffic and municipal operations


Traffic anomaly detection within the city


Collaborative surveillance for effective communication - text, clips, time-synced video matrix, all in one camera evidence


Flexible single or multi-location deployments with local, centralised and hierarchical monitoring and management


Single integration point with C4i / ICCC platforms for all your surveillance applications


One-stop solution suit for investigations - People, objects, vehicles and faces


Robust and agnostic solution with a choice of deployment preferences - on-premises, on-cloud or hybrid solution


360-degree situational awareness of the law, traffic and municipal functions for effective decision support and disaster response management


Centralised traffic ticket management for multi-city traffic applications for coordinated actions


City traffic insights for road constructions, planning, traffic management and accident response management


Collaborate with citizens for safe neighbourhoods with the community-led surveillance solution

We Help You Achieve More

Be it your safety concerns, operational efficiency or security, productivity and operations management, we are here to address every challenge with our cutting-edge solutions.

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50+ Proven Integrations

Field-proven and tested third-party integrations for enhanced security and operations.

Cloud compatible

Cloud Compatible

Cloud-agnostic stack accessible anywhere and anytime

Open architecture

Open Architecture

Scale your system now and in the future.

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Multi-Pronged Data Protection

Operate without any worries with our military-grade solutions and safeguard your critical data.

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Collaborative Monitoring

Manage, monitor, investigate, exchange messages and share observations by seamlessly integrating the entire security environment in a single unified platform.

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