Airports are the critical infrastructures that play a pivotal role in a nation's development. They constitute a complex environment prone to safety risks against miscreants and unforeseen incidents. Authorities need a powerful solution for round the clock functionality in a sensitive environment, identifying threats, understanding situations and resolving them quickly for uninterrupted operations, pleasant travel with a complete shopping and dining entertainment experience, all while complying with pandemic-related protocols.

With Videonetics AI powered aviation solutions, authorities get empowered with robust and intelligent insights to monitor the busiest of airports, safeguard the passengers, employees and assets by implementing stringent regulations while adhering to guidelines, detecting threats and vulnerabilities with zero downtime for effective operations.

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Tackle Airport Threats with Technology of Future

We understand the challenges that airports face in terms of operations and security. To address such complexities, Videonetics supports authorities with all-encompassing, next-gen technology to manage the passengers, employees, critical assets and complexities while protecting them from unforeseen threats within or outside the airports, safeguarding your critical data with military-grade cybersecurity measures.

80+ Airports Secured

Market leaders in securing international and domestic airports with incredibly robust and intelligent solutions for uninterrupted travelling experience.

Smart Solutions that Understand Your Need


Faster investigations by attire, objects and faces


Real-time alerts & off-line investigation of suspects, fugitives, outlaws


Open revenue channels by occupancy tracking – apron, hangar, aerobridge and vehicle parking


Conversion rate for retail, entertainment and food courts


Vehicle & driver audit-trail and occupancy within airport premises


Instant tracing of lost baggage belt, flight number


Tracking of unattended luggage with person/activity


Video evidence coupled with disparate system transactions such as access, fire, building management, automation systems


Expedite assistance to the passengers with special needs

We Help You Achieve More

Be it your safety concerns, operational efficiency or security, productivity and operations management, we are here to address every challenge with our cutting-edge solutions.

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50+ Proven Integrations

Field-proven and tested third-party integrations for enhanced security and operations.

Cloud compatible

Cloud Compatible

Cloud-agnostic stack accessible anywhere and anytime

Open architecture

Open Architecture

Scale your system now and in the future.

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Multi-Pronged Data Protection

Operate without any worries with our military-grade solutions and safeguard your critical data.

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Collaborative Monitoring

Manage, monitor, investigate, exchange messages and share observations by seamlessly integrating the entire security environment in a single unified platform.

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