World's first integration between Intelligent VMS 3.0 and CCTV Auditing Software

INDIA: 10 August 2021: Videonetics, the world’s first AI & DL powered Unified Video Computing Platform (UVCP™) announces the integration of its Intelligent VMS 3.0 with COM-SUR, the world’s only CCTV video footage auditing, smart backup, and standardized intelligent incident reporting software.

The technology integration empowers users to carry out auditing and review of CCTV video feeds in real time, creating exceptional intelligent incident reports for quick escalation and resolution of an incident with a unified, future-ready, and unprecedented enterprise class functionalities of Intelligent VMS 3.0.

"Videonetics is focused on developing strategic relationships and building a strong ecosystem, thereby making our technology accessible to our partners and customers. With this technology integration, we are committed to deliver a holistic solution to customers for achieving optimal outcomes from surveillance video, advanced level of situational awareness for any size of installation, ensure a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), enhancing aid in investigations of any incident" stated, Avinash J Trivedi, VP – Business Development, Videonetics.

Gautam D. Goradia, Founder and CEO of COM-SUR said “COM-SUR, the world’s first unique 3-in-1 feature-rich software enabling meaningful auditing, smart backup, and standardized intelligent incident reporting by the seamless integration with the Intelligent VMS 3.0 of Videonetics, delivers a force-multiplier, as a powerful CCTV surveillance tool. This synergistic partnership will effectively demonstrate to users, for diverse home/industry applications, tangible benefits ranging from security to productivity. The homogenous interaction between a video management system and the COM-SUR software makes auditing of a footage very easy, shrinks the data size, and creates actionable incident reports for timely intervention and corrective actions”.

About Videonetics:

Videonetics Unified Video Computing Platform (UVCP™) helps you make sense of surveillance, by providing you with an end-to-end solution for a wide range of applications. The platform is powered by our Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning engine, which is trained on humongous data sets, making our solutions incredibly robust and smart. All our products and solutions are integrated yet modular, ONVIF compliant, OS and hardware agnostic, scalable and interoperable. Videonetics has been ranked #1 Video Management Software provider in India, and among the top 5 in Asia (IHS/ Informa Tech Research). We remain driven by innovation and committed to making the world a safer, smarter, happier place. For more information, visit

About COM-SUR:

COM-SUR is the world’s only CCTV video footage auditing, smart backup, and standardized intelligent reporting software; the missing piece of CCTV; a complete workflow. COM-SUR enables people to gain optimal value from surveillance video, leading to a safer world. Its use cases range from an airport to a zoo (A to Z). COM-SUR enables people to 'audit' hours of their CCTV video footage in minutes, reduces data size hugely, saves and searches relevant data for future use (institutional library), and offers a cost-effective disaster recovery mechanism. It standardizes reporting in PowerPoint/Word/PDF and delivers data analytics from reports. With its online courses on CCTV video footage auditing and investigation available on Udemy and India’s pioneer Policing University and others, learning COM-SUR will lead to job and business opportunity creation of CCTV Video Footage Auditors, the world’s newest profession. For more information visit

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