In a world where information plays a crucial role, it becomes important that we use technology to capture the information, transfer and use it in a seamless manner to make people's lives more convenient, especially for controlling traffic. Managing traffic in the bustling streets of India is not an easy task. Traffic congestion in areas with difficult demographics can result in a financial loss. As a result, it becomes imperative that we address challenges with technology that improves traffic management. ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) System plays a pivotal role in ensuring mobility and traffic safety.

What is an ANPR system?

ANPR system automatically captures the licence plates of any vehicle(s) in the field of view (FOV) of a camera and stores them in a database to easily access the footage at any point. If there are multiple vehicles in the camera's field of view, each one is processed independently, and their licence plates are recognised, regardless of the type of vehicle. The ANPR system proves an asset for more than just law enforcement; it also aids in the record-keeping of traffic movements, such as by highway agencies. ANPR brings a technological leap for the cities striding forward as smart cities.

Strengthening Traffic Management of the Smart Cities: ANPR

ANPR system comes in handy by empowering cities with effective traffic management, enforcement, tolling and security. Here’s brief info on how the ANPR system strengthens the management of transit as well as supports smart cities.

Traffic Management

Using the ANPR, operators can ascertain the cause of traffic congestion. They can also detect the vehicle type and then exchange information to assess the situation and devise a feasible solution.

Real-Time Response

With the ANPR system, traffic authorities can address accidents and provide immediate attention and action in real-time.

Collaborative Vigilance

Operators can utilise real-time ANPR data such as number plates, colour, type of vehicles, exchange information with other departments and generate an alert if they find any unwanted/suspected vehicle. This way, they can combine ANPR with other video surveillance solutions in a single unified platform and empower authorities to speed up investigations and take the appropriate decision.

Traffic Law Enforcement

Traffic authorities can find any blacklisted, lost or stolen vehicle by capturing the vehicle registration plate via ANPR. They can also use it to retrieve vehicle-related important details. The ANPR is also capable of detecting stolen vehicles as well as helping police in catching criminals in the act of stealing vehicles.


It is befitting to say that the ANPR system empowers the traffic authorities with valuable insights and makes cities a safer place to live. Moreover, with exclusively tailored integrated solutions for end-users, operators and authorities can use full-fledged solutions such as the Intelligent Traffic Management System by Videonetics that regulate and analyse vehicle movement on roads and automatically detect various types of violations. It makes sense to deem ANPR as the backbone of the Traffic Management System.

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