Intelligent Video is the Future

In today’s digital age, we are constantly bombarded with visuals from a plethora of devices every day. To make the most of this rich visual data, it is critical to develop the ability to make sense of these fleeting images, discern patterns and get a clear understanding of their relevance. Only then, one can generate information that is actionable for man or machine. This is where Videonetics comes in.

Branching our services to a multitude of sectors

Serving for a single domain was never our goal. The vision that laid the foundation had always been to emerge out as a single platform serving the future computing needs of an assortment of different sectors.

The customer centric approach and the provision for countless customizations in our feature rich software facilitate us in catering to the multiple sectors with superior proficiency.

Sturdy and Seamless Surveillance
Safeguarding the Footage Directly in the Cloud.

Anytime, anywhere accessibility
Highly secure and reliable
Flexible and instantly scalable
Easy setup, maintenance and remotely upgradable accounts
Instant on/off features
Ongoing refinement and addition of new features and services


Man Hours of Software Research and Development


Patent Pending Algorithms


Happy Customers Globally