The Future of Video Surveillance

Video+Analytics on Cloud (VOC) is a cloud enabled real time subscription based service that enables video surveillance solutions with BYOD/leased hardware. It empowers a user to access the video footage anywhere and anytime. It is an extremely secure platform offering 24/7 real time access to the records and convenient viewing, storing, retrieving or sharing of the recorded clips. Remote monitoring and automated alerts to the authorized personnel are some of the key features, strengthening the importance of VOC in the modern world.

It can be seamlessly integrated with automation controls and other such value added services for premium security.

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Salient Features

Open Eco System:

  • Supports cloud hosting
  • Supports all the popular operating systems: Windows, Linux, Android, IOS, Java/Windows.
  • Seamless integration through APIS/REST/XML/SOAP/OSGI etc.

Extensively Tested Platform – Customer ready

  • Large installation for Telecom/Broadband/Cable operations for surveillance.
  • Make in India – Designed, developed and supported locally.
  • Deployment ready with minimal development.

Device Manufacturer/Protocol Agnostic

  • Supports ONVIF/IP standards
  • Supports video compressions: H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG
  • Supports Camera/Devices from multiple vendors

Flexibility in Customization for Indian Customers

  • Broadband gateway integration
  • Language settings for UI/Reports


  • Unique technology adoption in mobility/latest software
  • Technology roadmap with R&D focus
  • SMS and Email Alerts
  • Event-driven video clips and pictures
  • Hands-free connectivity through the inbuilt speaker present in the camera