Multi-Advanced Multi-Threading Processing for Accurate and Intelligent Analysis

Videonetics has developed 3rd generation intelligent video analysis solution. It has been devised for intelligent monitoring of crowd, faces, traffic, vehicles, perimeter, objects as well as the related movement, behavior, track and statistical analysis. The technology has been extensively field tested to stand the tough Indian environment.

It utilizes a single framework core, unprecedented scalability, scene adaptability and flexible automatic alert generation and supports both server-based and edge analytics frameworks.

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Salient Features

  • Single Framework Core - V2A’s innovative Single Camera Multiple Application (SCMA) enables multiple intelligent video applications from a single video channel. The present generation of solutions available in the market provides only one or at the most two applications simultaneously. In some cases, users have to pay for dedicated software and hardware based on the application of choice.
  • Unprecedented Scalability and Flexibility - Advanced multi-threading processing provides the ability to support Multiple Camera Multiple Applications (MCMA) in which multiple video channels support multiple applications available in the suite.
  • Human/Non-Human detection – V2A’s unique algorithm is able to analyze a video sequence, detect moving objects in the sequence and identify and classify humans and inanimate/non-human moving objects in the scene online.
  • Automated and Adaptive Modeling – Its sophisticated video analytics algorithms are uniquely tailored to work with different cameras, sensors and lighting conditions.
  • Flexible Automatic Alert Generation – Its automatic dispatch system is able to alert operators and users instantly through different tools including email and SMS.
  • Robust and Field Tested – Its suite of algorithms is field tested under a wide range of environmental and lighting conditions. They have been proven to work more reliably in high population density conditions, compared to other competing solutions.
  • Customized - It has been indigenously developed in India, especially customized to meet the challenging infrastructure and fluctuating environmental conditions in India. Videonetics designs, develops, promotes and provides cutting-edge video surveillance and monitoring systems and software products for the following domains:
    • Intelligent Traffic System: Signaling automation, traffic violation and parking etc.
    • Railway: Track monitoring, station monitoring, unmanned level crossing monitoring, maintenance and security checking.
    • Intelligent Home Security & Surveillance: Perimeter, intrusion, trespassing, loitering, break-in prediction, unattended objects, tripwire, people count & tracking and face capture etc.
    • Critical Installations: Oil installations, nuclear power plants and high security zones etc.
    • Retail: Footfall, dwell time, signage, queue, others museum and antique artifact protection, theft detection and tampering etc.
    • Large Installations: Airports, seaports, shopping malls, buildings and stadiums etc.
    • Others: Finance, education, sports, city surveillance and home securities etc.