Precise Measurement of Customer’s Concentration

Videonetics’ Retail Business Intelligence is a multi-faceted tool that aids intelligent merchandising and enhances operational excellence, customer satisfaction and return on investment. It measures customer concentration for a given time period, detects queue length at POS counters, monitors customers’ attention to different products, tracks how they navigate within the store and generates several statistical measures. It also detects potential security threats based on human behavior.

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Salient Features

  • The Time When Business Comes
    • Measures customers’ concentration accurately in each and every gate of the retail store and analyzes data intelligently
    • Determines busy hours in the retail store and provides data to the retail management to serve customers better by increasing support staffing during busy hours
    • Graphically represents hourly customers’ concentration
    • Graphically represents summarized statistical data and compares it across different stores daily, weekly, monthly and in required frequencies
  • The Time When Business Pays Off
    • Detects queue-length over-limit at POS counters and generates statistical report to understand busyness of the POS
    • Generates instant alarm if the queue is full and draws immediate attention of the operational management for mitigating the crisis
    • Graphically represents statistical reports and compares the temporal tendency of queue formation in the retail store
    • Guides to operate required number of POS counters during different hours in a day for a month to optimize resource planning
  • The Place Where Business Locates
    • Monitors customer’s attention to different products and analyzes customers’ behavior inside the store
    • Generates statistical analysis of customers’ attention to the various products displayed on the shelf or on the display stands
    • Graphically represents statistical analysis in the form of colored spatio-temporal 2D concentration map for quick understanding
    • Provides count of the customers and measures their stay at mouse tool-tip for efficient placement of the supporting staff where customers need assistance
  • The Way Customer Moves
    • Observes customers’ movement paths inside the retail and analyzes data to generate several statistical measurements
    • Graphically represents directional count and percentage of moving customers in-between any two regions
    • Suggests effective product placement regions
    • Guides store management for sequencing product categories
    • Automatically calculates and graphically represents maximum traversed path of the customers between two selected regions
  • The Move That Ensures Security
    • Detects all kinds of possible security threats inside and in the vicinity of the retail premises based on the human behavior
    • Generates instant alarms if anyone is found trying to escape the RFID sensor activated gate or any compulsory security checking
    • Identifies and alerts immediately on sensing safety and security breach due to wrong directional movement
    • Monitors restricted area and generates instant alarm on detecting unauthorized or suspicious movement or desolated baggage
    • Graphically represents periodical safety and security reports
  • The Claim, Which Has Visuals
    • Extracts important information and indexes along with video details intelligently so that information can be searched and retrieved
    • Generates statistical reports backed up by video evidences
    • Generates instant alerts and stores events with video clips
    • Tags a video clip with each and every meaningful event
    • Represents event searching reports with video data
    • Keeps only meaningful video after a retention period and removes others to manage storage smartly
    • Provides all types of video management system (vms) features