An Open Architecture Offers Great Flexibility and Adaptability

Videonetics' Enterprise Class Intelligent Video Management Platform is a hierarchical, distributed, modularly constructed and well-engineered system for Intelligent Video Surveillance spanning multiple sites.

It has been developed to cater to the requirement of diverse environments - from single-site, single-server to multi-site and multi-server. Our software is extremely flexible in deployment and offers a great adaptability to the existing workflow of the customer.

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Salient Features

The Enterprise Class IVMP from Videonetics has been developed using an open architecture and gives maximum flexibility to the user in choosing the hardware/software platform to suit the organization’s workflow and culture.

ONVIF Compliant

  • The Videonetics IVMP Platform fully complies with the latest ONVIF standards.

True Open Architecture

  • OS Independent – Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac, Android platform supported.
  • Database Independent – MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL DBMS supported.
  • Browser Independent – Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet explorer for Web access supported.
  • Camera Independent – All ONVIF compliant IP cameras & encoders are supported. In addition, other Non-ONVIF cameras & encoders are also integrated. A list is available on request.


  • The IVMP is indigenously developed in India and customized to sustain the climatic and environmental conditions of India. It can accommodate varying infrastructural setup and can be customized to suit the customer specific needs.

Video Analytics Ready

  • Videonetics' IVMP comes along with the integrated Video Analytics services in a monolithic architecture (separate license scheme applicable). Additional Video Analytics Servers can be integrated as and when required.

Mobile Client Integrated

  • Videonetics' IVMP series comes with inbuilt Mobile Client support. The mobile (Android) device can be used to monitor live views from cameras, search archived videos, receive alerts and to upload snaps/videos taken with the mobile device embedded cameras.

Multilayer Sitemap

  • Videonetics' IVMP series comes with multi-layer sitemaps for easy and fast navigation across multiple camera views. A sitemap can be detached and placed on a separate monitor.

Intuitionist User Interface

  • Videonetics' IVMP delivers most of the services to the users in just a couple of mouse clicks. Users do not need to pass through complicated menu driven options to access any service or configure the system.

Video Summarization

  • User can select hours' long video/s from the video archive and view the activities that happened during that time in a few minutes (Separate Licensing Scheme Applicable).

Watermarking and Encryption

  • All the recorded video is watermarked for tamperproof archiving. While downloading segments of video into external devices (CD/DVD) or on client’s desktops, user can choose to encrypt the same to prevent accidental exposure of the video segment to anyone.

Continuous Health Check and Proactive ALERTs on System Status

  • Users are proactively informed about the health of the system through several means (Indications by icons, SMS, emails and Logs etc.)

High Resolution Snap Recording:

  • Recorded Video is studded with high-resolution images for forensic analysis, enabling the user to see a clearer image of the scene if any suspected activity is noticed while replaying the archived video.

Third Party Device Integration

  • IVMP comes with an extensive framework support to integrate third party devices like Access Control Systems, Fire Alarms and Boom Barrier systems etc.